Treppiede Starbase Ultra Stable Altair Astro



Treppiede Starbase Ultra Stable Altair Astro

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La ditta inglese Altair Astro presenta questo gioiello disegnato e realizzato in Inghilterra!

Un treppiede ultra-stabile e molto leggero!

For the ultimate in stability, look no further. The ultra-stable Altair Starbase Field Pier / Tripod, sets a new standard for freedom from flex, strength and stability.

The legs have 3 spread/height positions and can be can be adjusted individually for rough terrain. Once rough levelling is complete, mount the telescope and balance it, then for fine levelling adjustment, turn the individual knobs on the conical "lunar lander" feet and, when level, lock them down with the locking knobs. Job done!  For imaging on soft ground, we recommend placing a hard flat object such as a wooden block or masonry tile under each of the tripod feet.

The only product of it's type, all main components (except some springs and fixings) are CNC machined in locally in England. There are no shortcuts or off-the-shelf components in this product whatsoever.

The result is complete control over accuracy and strength. Lateral and vertical forces have been designed to balance each other out, using triangulation techniques. All components are machined from the highest grade aluminium and stainless steel, sourced from local UK suppliers. 

Coating is a combination of clear matte anodising and ultra-hard textured powder coating for durability and great looks.

Accessory trays: We are developing CNC machined aluminium accessory trays which can be attached to the tripod sides quickly and easily from underneath with a locking knob. You can add up to 3x accessory trays to your tripod. Images shown in gallery section. Exact dimensions TBC.

Weight is 17.5kg, approx. height is 90cm (35.5") with legs fully extended. For the best stability for very heavy telescopes and large mounts, we recommend extending the legs fully, and just using the threaded adjusters on the "Lunar Lander" style feet for final levelling. This is best on a hard surface as with very heavy equipment, even the 80mm diameter feet can sink into the ground.

Note: Product image shows iOptron CEM60 mount which is optional, and connects directly to the Starbase tripod - please contact us for various combinations of mount and adapters.

Compatible with the following mounts:

  •     iOptron CEM60 & CEM60-EC (direct fit)
  •     iOptron iEQ45 (direct fit, or can use PAD-MULTI adapter)
  •     Skywatcher EQ6 & Celestron CGEM (requires PAD-MULTI adapter)
  •     Skywatcher EQ8 (requires PAD-EQ8 adapter)
  •     Skywatcher/Celestron HEQ5, EQ5, CG5 (requires PAD-MULTI adapter)
  •     Paramount MX (requires PAD-PMX adapter)
  •     Paramount My-T (requires PAD-PMX adapter)
  •     10 Micron GM1000 (requires PAD-EQ8 adapter)
  •     Celestron AXV (requires PAD-AVX adapter)
  •     Celestron GGE-PRO (requires PAD-CGE-PRO adapter)

For more options, please enquire.

We reserve the right to change certain colours and cosmetic surface details such as shape of knobs and fixings. Our aim is to keep the price of this product reasonable for the spec and production methods but we admittedly underpriced the first two production runs therefore the price may increase slightly.

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